Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Starting Out Positive

This blog is to help motivate me eat healthy, stay active and lose weight.  I will be posting articles on healthy eating and exercise, fitspirational pictures, and sharing my health and fitness regime as well.  I am not in perfect shape by any means, and my goals right now are to eat out less, reduce alcohol consumption, stay under 1460 calories a day, and exercise at least twice a week.  This will let me lose 1 pound per week and reach my ultimate goal is to lose the 23.2 pounds I’ve put on in the last few years in approximately 6 months.  March 2015, here I come!

Here is todays Food Diary:
B-Large coffee with 3 cream – 282 calories
-Cheese croissant – 310 calories
L- Watermelon – 37 calories
-Greek yogurt – 50 calories
D- Pizza ( I know I know) – 600 calories
Total= 1279 calories

Tomorrow I will make more healthy choices, I just want to be honest starting off.  That way everyone (most importantly, me) can see my progression.

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