Monday, 6 October 2014

Weekend Binge

I have been eating very unhealthy and excessively the past few days.  I need to get back on track, and not just give in on weekends.  I did have a lot of fun however, I went to Vancouver with my boyfriend and visited my cousin for lunch, his friends for drinks, and to a hockey game!  Go Canucks!

My meal plan for the week is to only have a cup of soup for dinner as I had big lunch and that will total 1480 calories for the day.  Plus I am going to workout after this so I will be under my calorie goal for today!! During the week I am limiting myself to eating only yogurt, fruit, coffee, tea, soup, salad, sushi, tuna, and rice cakes (approx 1460 calories/day).  The weekend I'd like to get pho' on friday night and maybe a thin veggie crust pizza Saturday night.  Sunday is Thanksgiving so I will have to eat less and workout monday to make up for the extra calories.

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